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NOTE: This website was published on April 18th, 2015 for one specific reason: To prove to our potential clients that we know how to rank websites on Google. Our initial estimate is that it will take about 90 days to reach the top of the search engines for the following keyword phrases: Waterloo SEO, Kitchener SEO, KW search engine optimization company and Search Engine Optimization Kitchener/Waterloo.

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kitchenervictoriaparkThings are really heating up in the KW area of Ontario. Considered by many the high tech hub of Canada there are a lot of amazing companies growing in this area. And there is a lot of money being made.

Things are booming. Many companies, not just the high tech ones, realize that traditional advertising to increase walk in traffic is not the key to dramatically increasing revenues. Most smart corporations realize that online marketing and a large digital presence can grow their bottom line faster than almost any other tactic. However, in this fast changing digital marketing environment it is tough to stay current with best practices for ranking, traffic and search engine optimization. You need to some professional help!

We are a lean company based in the Waterloo region. With some team members that have been doing digital marketing since before Google Adwords existed (16 years), and other young energetic spark plugs that are passionate about helping great companies expand their reach online. Digital marketing is the best way to find new potential customers and revenue sources, and grow your business and profits. Online inbound marketing and customer acquisition is paramount to your companies continued growth.

There’s a lot of smoke and mirrors around SEO. We try to avoid the hype and snake oil sales approach. We don’t use tricks to try and game the search engines. That worked 10 years ago. That will get your website slapped or de-indexed now. We want to be helpful, open and transparent. That is why we put up this site to show you real results and stay away from the hype and puffery. Our system and process has been responsible for thousands of first page rankings on the real Google search engine.

We Can Help Grow Your Bottom Line

We are extremely selective about who we work with. We only work with companies were we feel confident we can really help them. Your ROI and growth is our bottom line.

growyourbusinesssalesWe can (and prefer) to manage your entire digital strategy. That is were we have demonstrated the greatest impact on the companies we’ve worked with so far. However, we also understand that certain companies might be looking for a single strategy, and that can dramatically increase their bottom line.

Either way, we need to have a discussion and make sure our goals, expectations and bottom line targets are a fit. Fill out this quote form and we’ll take a look at your website, market and competition and get back to you.

Or, you can ask for a quote on a single product below. (For those who don’t like to rush into relationships)

What Do We Charge For Our Expertise?

We aren’t cheap, but we are really good! (that’s what she said!) This is all we do, and our goal is to make you money from this process. Our pricing as individual as you and we are. We base your pricing on many factors (just like our organic traffic algorithm). Factors such as your website, your social presence, your market sector and your current competition all determine what resources we need to deploy to get you tangible results.

And one more thing, we don’t like toxic relationships (again, that’s what she said). We don’t tie you into long term contracts. Yes, we ask for you to be patient and give us at least 3 months to tune our system for your market. Patience is a virtue. However, if at any time you decide you aren’t happy, we will gladly stop work on your online presence. That’s not just a guarantee, that’s our promise. We want to work with people who are happy with the growth and progress of their online marketing and are seeing a significant ROI grow over time. You aren’t happy, feel free to cancel.  To start the discovery process to see if we are a good fit click here

For those who want to order single products here’s our product menu

A la carte

We have various products that you can choose from. All of these products/services can be woven together seamlessly to produce your own personal organic traffic algorithm, but if you wish to start with a single product the offerings are listed below:

Pin Me On The Map (Google Local Business Map)Pin-Aa

For local retail and service business’s the Google Map pin is vital. Getting a Google map listing is fairly easy, but promoting it and getting it to move up the pin chart can be a daunting task. Depending on local competition for various keyword phrases this process can be ownerous. The results speak for themselves. If you are listed as the A pin on a Google local pin map you can get up to 200% more interactions that if you are at C or D. If you are a local based business that relies on incoming calls and leads this can change you business dramatically. We have a proven system for slowing ranking and moving your pin up the 7 pack. It usually takes about 90 days to see significant movement. (again, depending on the competition). We have different rates based on your niche and your competition. Get a quote today.

Lights, Camera, Action (Video Promotion)videopromoa

Creating videos and promoting them is a terrific way to find potential customers. Youtube is now the 2nd largest search engine on the internet. Getting your product discovered on Youtube (and dailymotion, vimeo, veoh, etc.,) can make a huge difference in your inbound marketing. Unfortunately, many unsuspecting owners “buy” views in an attempt to game the system. Youtube is able to tell when hundreds of bots hit a video and only stay for .01 seconds. This “gaming” has resulted in de-ranking and having some videos removed from their service. We offer a service that goes out into the web and entices surfers to come and watch your video. Real, organic eyeballs on your video. This, as well as some channel and on-page optimiztion of your video, can move you up the Youtube rankings. That is only half of the process. Achieving high rankings for specific keyword phrases on Youtube is great, but having your video rank on Google is even better. The process and workflow we use to increase the eyeballs on your site won’t help you rank your video on Google. To do that we use a separate process. This process allows us to rank your video on the first page of Google with some consistent promotion. Many searchers on Google will tend to click on a video (with the accompanying photo in the serp listings), than read an article. Ranking on Youtube and Google will get you maximum exposure for your video or videos. We offer this as a product for those who are interested in getting their video message spread far and wide. Our rates and time frame are based on your target keyword phrase and your current competitive landscape. Fill out this form to get a personalized quote today.

Climb To The Top (Organic Search Rankings)Business Graph with arrow showing profits and gains

We have a long, long history in creating organic search results. SEO, or search engine optimization is something we have a lot of experience with. In today’s quickly changing search engine environment it is no longer possible to “game” the system. Increasing your rankings in organic search requires a patient, long term strategy. In the end, high organic rankings will prove to be an inexpensive option as opposed to Pay Per Click advertising. We leverage a wide array of various channels to create authority and trust for your site. In essence, we work on creating pathways from all over the internet that sends authority and visitors to your website. The result is a predictable, steady climb in the search engines. Not only Google, but Yahoo and Bing as well. Unlike other SEO firms that are still using methods that stopped working 5 years ago our process will not put your site in harms way. Unfortunately, that means you need to be patient and understanding of this method. If you want to grow your business online, and dominate your niche, a long term SEO strategy is what is needed. For a pricing quote please fill out this form.

Social Matters (Amplifying Your Social Presence)socialmatters2a

Sharing is a great way to create viral traffic, community and attract more potential customers. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Vine and a host of other channels can help you grow your business. We have systems and processes in place to make sure your content is spread across social channels and shared. Nobody can predict when or what will go viral. However, making sure you are connecting with communities on an ongoing basis is important to your companies continued growth. The other major benefit of amplifying your social presence is a direct correlation of social channels on rankings in search engines. We have a cornucopia of tools and algorithms we can employ to amplify your community. There is no “one-size-fits-all” for social signals. Each project we undertake is analyzed based on your goals, business, niche and competitive landscape. Get a quote from us today.

Check Under The Hood (On Page SEO Tune-up)underthehood1a

There are more and more little things on your website that can be holding back your rankings. Think of it like brakes on your car. If your SEO status has more authority than your competitors, but you are ranking below them, there is a Panda problem on your website. Great website designers and developers aren’t always aware of the current on page factors. Sometimes a simple audit and a few simple changes can make a drastic improvement in search engine rankings. There are very few web developers that stay current with these on page penalties and factors. We are proud to say we are diligent about avoiding on page penalties. Use this form and request a quote on your on page audit today.

Mobile Website Tune-up mobiletuneup2a

Mobile search is growing much faster than anticipated. In some markets we are seeing as much as 60% of searches coming from mobile devices. Having a website that is mobile friendly on ALL devices (not just the current iPhone) is vital moving forward. Also, how potential clients interact with your mobile site is much different than how they surf on a desktop. Is your website and strategy fully optimized?? If not, you are probably hurting the future growth of your company. Dominating mobile search will be more and more important as time goes on. Get ahead of this curve. Make sure you are reaching potential customers where they are. Request a quote on an audit of your mobile website and strategy today. Use this form..

The Whole Enchilada (Your Total Digital Marketing Strategy)

Our systems, strategies and processes were built to compliment each other. We understand that some potential clients who haven’t tried out services will test out one or two of the  menu to gauge results. However, if you are ready to go all in we have created a fully integrated system and process for growing you business and dominating your market over time.

We call it “Creating Your Personalize Organic Traffic Algorithm”. By combining all the possible channels, and using them as leverage for each other, we are able to produce results that are greater than the sum of the individual parts. And, unlike other SEO and digital marketing companies, we leave assumptions at the door.

Here’s our process:
– create a starting point with current market research to spread your voice all over the internet
– leave breadcrumbs and POV snippets leading back to your website
– analyze the feedback and traction on an ongoing, real time basis
– do more of what is working, and eliminate what isn’t
– have the market tell us what is working, and what is not
– constantly refine and tune the message, voice and breadcrumbs to follow your potential clients
– morph and tune the process to find new potential markets as your business grows

For clients who entrust us with their complete digital marketing strategy we can also include Pay per click (Adwords, Facebook, Bingads, etc.,), re-targeting, re-marketing, etc.,

how to rank number one

Our journey to fine tune YOUR personal organic traffic algorithm is a constantly evolving, dynamic process. Most business need to focus on their product and service and leave things like legal filings and accounting to the trained professionals. SEO and organic traffic has become the same type of discipline. As a marketing/sales coordinator or business owner you simply don’t have the time to stay up with the latest algo changes and emerging channels. That’s what we do! You can’t afford to use outdated information that could be hazardous to your online presence with all the new serp penalties and slaps.

You need a partner who is diligent about helping your grow your business online.

We don’t take that responsibility lightly.

Fill out the form below and we’ll be in touch to discuss how we can start working together to grow your online business. Your bottom line is our top line concern.

We’d love to help you dominate your online market niche.


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