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Why do you need a professional to look after your digital marketing strategy?

I guess you could go to law school and get a degree so you would know the correct way to do incorporation documents and check over your home sale contract before closing on a house. OR, you could hire a professional with the knowledge and expertise to do that work and get on with your life.

blahblahblahThe same is true for your digital strategy. If you like reading about updates and current best practices over thousands of channels that you can probably execute a sustainable online strategy. If any of the following terms are not familiar to you, you need to offload this work to someone who understands digital marketing

Here’s what we stay on top of:

Penguin penalties, Hummingbird and mobile website compatibility checks. Off-page versus on-page factors, Facebook ppc changes, Pagescore and Pagerank, Bing and Yahoo loopholes, LSI, NLP, over optimization, under optimization, page load speed tolerances, bounce rate, Panda slaps, Domain Authority, Page Authority, Trust Flow factors, Citation flow, duplicate content issues, curation and its limitations, do meta tags matter anymore? Disavow tools and best practices, referrer not shown, re-targeting, inbound links, outbound links, to comment or not to comment, creating authority, domain stacking, click through ratio, video engagement, meta description lengths, embedded versus iframe videos, EMD’s, alt text, blah, blah, blah, blah….

The above terminology and processes are what WE focus on to stay abreast of all changes, so the results are steady, sustainable and we don’t get “surprised” by inevitable updates.

rankingnumberoneongoogleWe also understand that our clients websites are their bread and butter. We simply won’t use unproven or dangerous outdated practices to game the search engines, social or video channels. Many digital marketing companies turn a blind eye to updates and are slow to react to market changes. The only thing worse than harming a clients website is not being properly informed to know that what you are doing could negatively impact your client. We pride ourselves on staying ahead of the curve.

This makes us totally unique in our industry.

That is a major reason you should consider having a conversation with us about your digital strategy.

We look forward to helping you. We can create a mutually profitable, successful relationship based on shared expectations, a workable plan with a defined ROI based outcome.


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