Get Pinned On The Map

If you are searching for a local vendor in a geographic area you will notice that Google displays a map with “pins” on it. These pins are the locations of those local companies that might fit your search.

Pin-AaThe method for getting you to “Pin A” is much different than trying to rank you for a keyword on Google search. Local companies who find their way to the top of this “7 box” find a significant boost in traffic to their website, and more importantly, direct phone calls.

Statistics prove that the “A” pin will receive 200% more direct phone calls than the company at “C”. Of course there are exceptions to every rule. A company that doesn’t have a pin on the map is missing out on some serious connection with their potential customers.

And Mobile Google Local Maps Is A Game Changer

gplacespinAs Google moves toward splitting mobile and desktop into two different search engines another opportunity has arisen for those wishing to get pinned. On most mobile devices the 7 map (or pins) will show up as the first results on a mobile website. This means that the number one position on the map will get the majority of interactions with people searching for a solution to their current problem.

If you are a plumber and someone has a broken pipe, your “A” pin (with a phone number displayed prominently) will get you the majority of phone calls from potential clients using their phone (or some tablets).

In it’s simplest terms, this service will have your phone ringing more often with potential customers and sales. If you know how to turn a hot prospect phone call into an appointment, service call or sale, your ROI will be significant. That’s what we want. We want your phone to ring more so you can grow your business by focusing on converting prospects into revenue!

Here’s a pic of the power of the “A” position on desktops:7pack

And here’s the dominating power of getting the “A” pin position on mobile;mobilegooglesearchpin



If You Aren’t Pinned On Google Local Maps, You Are Missing Out On Revenue

The process of achieving these rankings requires some time, a strict attention to details and some help on the local companies end. When everything is setup and ready to go the results will take 3-9 months depending on the geographic location and how many resources your competitors are deploying to do the same thing.

Yes, you can stop this service once you get to the “A” listing for the main keywords you are targeting. You can also call us back in if a competitor jumps over you at any time. Or, you can keep us continually working on this to ensure that a competitor can’t catch you.

We offer many more services to help you gain a digital presence all over the internet. This one service “Pin Me On The Map” is strictly focused on getting your pin A for 3-5 keyword phrases in your locale.

Fill out the quote form to tell us about your business and get started on the path to dominating your Google Map results in your area.