How To Dominate Your Market Online

On this page we’d like to explain the difference between ranking and DOMINATION.

Ranking your website, Facebook page or video at the top of the search engines will drive great, targeted traffic to your product or offer. This is a task and a challenge we live for. It’s easy to keep score. You are either ranking really well, or you aren’t.

As Yoda would say, “There is only do, or do not, there is no try”

The excitement of seeing a site slowly push towards #1 is a reward on it’s own.

Seeing the difference that ranking and great traffic makes to a business is very gratifying. We have a sense of ownership in the results of the company when we work with a client. Their revenue growth and expansion is what we work for.

Ranking a site is our main service. We’ve got people on our team that have been doing this since before Google started implementing Pay Per Click (Adwords).

While testing and developing our procedures and systems we stumbled upon some synergies that can take this whole concept to a new level.

Here’s an example….

Imagine that you are a plumber in the Kitchener Waterloo area. You work with us and in a few months you are ranking #1 on Google, Bing and Yahoo for “Kitchener plumber” and “Waterloo plumbing repairman”.

That’s great. That’s what we do (the time is dependent on the market competition and commercial viability of any keyword phrase).

From Ranking To Total Domination Online!

This time you Google the keyword phrase “Kitchener plumber” and sure enough the same things shows up. Our client is ranking #1 for that phrase. BUT, their Google Business Listing (the pin on the map) is also ranked #1 on the map. And their site is listed in the Map 7 box at #1. And the #2 listing is their Facebook page. #4 is their rating. And number 7 is their listing.

Of the twenty five or so slots on the front page of Google they show up (with different properties) on 6-10 of them.

And, just to dominate even more, they have an Adwords ad in the top 3 positions.

At this point they aren’t in this market, they dominate this market.

Can this be done?


We’ve done this on numerous occasions.

It’s not fast. It’s not cheap. And it’s not for all companies or enterprises.

However, if you are interested in dominating your market (local or international) online, we should talk

We can’t accomplish these results for everyone. But, if you fit our model and see the benefit of this, we should talk.

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