What Does The Future Look Like?

We have some people on our team who have been doing digital marketing for a long time. With experience comes lessons learned. By having a runway of experience it is much easy to predict where things are headed.

Let’s take a look at some of the recent changes to search engine optimization and the way our potential markets find things online.


It’s not long ago that everyone was getting the majority of their information from doing a search. At one time Yahoo was more used than Google, but Google became the most used site on the internet for a long, long time.

If you wanted to know something, you “Googled it”

But Google was this huge listing of search results. In the cold computer world there was no personality or human touch with Google (is that way Facebook grew so quickly?  hmmm??).

People started wanting more personality and human interaction with their online experience. Even with news the large online papers started to lose subscribers to more opinionated micro blogs and content curated by and editor with a definitive slant.

Tribes started forming.

Many people have a favorite cooking blog, a source for pet information, or a hobby or collector site they interact with regularly. Small communities of like minded people discussing topics passionately. These “tribes” can be a marketers dream. The downside is that these small communities will rebel against anything that seems like marketing or pandering.

The members of these communities are more vigilant in defending the integrity of their community than any search robot could ever be.

Being welcomed into these communities and contributing is the only way passed the gatekeepers. This is an enormous challenge for most marketers going forward.

The search marketing tools of today focus on only a few channels. For example, there is a very popular platform that helps you put out content on 5-6 channels. Your blog, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, etc.,  That’s great, but what about the other 14 billion channels that people are visiting??

That is the challenge going forward

How to find YOUR potential clients when they are congregating in small, well protected micro communities far and wide on the internet??

It’s coming (actually, it’s already here) and most digital marketing companies are oblivious to this fact.

You need to put small breadcrumbs of your solution/brand everywhere. Then you need to see who responds and who doesn’t.

upforitMaking assumptions about where your potential customer is spending their time online is a dangerous.

Take massive action(without enraging anyone) and let your potential customers raise their hand.

This thought and reality scares the youknowwhat out of most digital marketing companies.

We’re up for it

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