Why Organic Search Traffic?

There are all types of traffic, and all kinds of ways to attract traffic to your website. Organic search requires a great deal of patience, some current knowledge and a sustained effort.

There are definite ways to get traffic faster. However, in the long run, there is nothing that gets a better ROI than organic ranking on search engines. Again, there are systems to get you traffic today. Many people choose to start with these methods and then scale back as their organic search takes over. Immediate traffic is expensive. You pay a vendor to siphon traffic your way.

Here’s just a few options besides ranking and organic traffic from the search engines:
Pay Per Click
-Google Adwords
-Bing Ads
– a million small ppc providers

You setup an account, setup some ads and keywords and start paying for traffic. Most of these services are based on the auction/bid pricing model. Many popular searches have gotten very expensive in the PPC market. Competitors are willing to sometimes lose a few cents to keep their market dominance. Remember that this is “per click” NOT per sale. On Adwords some legal and medical terms have been bid up to ridiculous prices. Some cancer related lawsuit phrases are nearing the $200 per click mark. Pay Per Click is a great way to get fast traffic and test assumptions. However, by the nature of the business model the prices will always climb for the best converting phrases in an industry.

– there are lots of PPV vendors. This is usually per quality, low cost traffic. It usually comes from popup ads shown when a surfer leaves a site, or popunders (where the searcher doesn’t even see the page). Conversion rates are very low and therefore the cost is very low. Hard to select geographic and demographics. This is basically bulk junk traffic. A good conversion rate on PPV is about 0.001%. Most of the people viewing your site on a PPV click have no interest in your product.

Traffic Exchanges
Run away as fast as you can! This is another in a long line of junk traffic sources. These vendors sell 1 Million hits, or 100K per day type of traffic. In some cases you will see these packages delivered in just a few minutes. 100K visitors to your site from all ove the world. Average time on your site .01 seconds. Obviously this is not quality traffic and is usually robots or multiple popups from questionable sites. Cheap but not worth the money in terms of conversion. And, the bounce rate will probably hurt your rankings. Not worth the two cents you pay.

Social Traffic
– you can get some quality, targeted traffic from Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. These are best for creating a community (with the exception of Facebook PPC ads). Creating a community is a much different tactic from creating ecommerce sales. People on social channels want to be informed, be included, become part of a group. They generally don’t like being sold or pitched to. You can create a buzz, and a feeling of community, but you are better to leave the selling and revenue conversion to search engine rankings and Youtube videos in regards to ROI. We are still waiting to find a profitable Twitter ad campaign! Facebook Ads does work, and many people are making sales and profits from it,  but it is a traditional Pay Per Click model not really a social signal.

– Youtube has become the second largest search engine. Where people used to type “how to ….” into Google they now go to Youtube to see a video on the subject. Google owns Youtube and populates all the real estate around your video with ads. You can buy space on Youtube, but that is the PPC model. To create a video, rank it on Youtube and have people click through a link and make a purchase is possible. Some people do this very well.

First: you need a good video that engages the reader and delivers value

Second: you need a compelling reason for them to click the link in your description

Third: you need to get enough human eyeballs to watch your video to climb up the rankings on Youtube (they know when you buy robot views, or third will clicks, that doesn’t work anymore)

Fourth: You need to translate your rankings on Youtube over to Google. People love to click on videos in Googles search results. Getting videos to rank on Youtube is a tedious, patient process. We do provide that service and it produces great results, it’s just not quick. It is similar to the time it takes to rank a site on Google.

There are other methods like doc share, media buys, etc.,

So What’s So Great About Organic Search??

Moving your website up the rankings for keyword phrases that result in sales is the best way to increase your traffic and conversions. You need to test to find out the keyword phrases that lead to conversions, and the ones that simply lead to browsers. In most cases there are a handful of phrases that will turn out to be very profitable for people in the 1-3 position on Google.

Getting to the top of the rankings requires a consistent, patient effort. How long it takes to get there depends on your competition, and the niche. Some niches has such authority sites sitting at position #1 that they are almost unmovable in the near future. Of course, any challenge can be accomplished over time with consistent work.

One of the best things about ranking organically is the quality of traffic. You are finding people who are seriously interested in your product. The conversion rate on organic search is usually a few ticks higher than even Adwords.

And one last thought about ranking #2 or #3 in really competitive markets. Although an established site might be holding onto position #1 you can actually get more traffic than them if your page title and meta description is more compelling. We’ve seen this happen in hundreds of cases.

We specialize in getting Organic Search Results (that is the reason we put up this site). If you want to rank YOUR site for a handful of keywords find a company that is ranking for THEIR market.  We put up this site to rank for SEO Kitchener, SEO Waterloo, and Search Engine Optimization Kitchener Waterloo. Do a search for yourself and check out our rankings.

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